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IT-direktør ved Fürst, Eyvind Axelsen

Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen ved IT-avdelingen hos Fürst Medisinsk Laboratoruim disputerte tirsdag 13.mai for graden ph.d. med sin avhandling: Package Templates: Design, Experimentation and Implementation. Evolving a Mechanism for Reuse and Adaption of Class Collections.


“This thesis presents a novel approach to reuse and adaption of collections of classes in object-oriented languages. The approach is called Package Templates, and is based on ideas first published by Krogdahl in 2001.

Package Templates presents the programmer with a mechanism for writing modules, in the form of collections of classes, in a way that that allows these modules to be adapted to the problem at hand before they are used in a program. The modules can contain class hierarchies, and adaptions can be applied at any level of such a hierarchy. All adaptions are applied when the module is instantiated, and can include renaming, class merging, high-level parameterization, refinement and retroactive interface implementations.

The thesis presents the mechanism in the context of both statically and dynamically typed programming languages, and explores and discusses the design space for both variants, and their respective tradeoffs in terms of flexibility, expressive power and safety.

Prototype implementations, case studies and example libraries are presented in order to both demonstrate and assess the utility of the mechanism.”

Han gjennomførte med glans og opponentene gav det betegnelsen “excellent”.
Vi gratulerer!